C.I.O.S. d.o.o. (Ltd) is an authorized concessionaire for disposal of tyres at the territory of Croatia, recovery of metal packing (Fe/Al) material - used beverage cans. CE-ZA-R Centar za reciklažu d.o.o. (Ltd) is authorized concessionaire for gathering, processing and recovering of old vehicles in the whole territory of Croatia authorised concessionaire for disposal of big domestic appliances and the only authorised concessionaire for processing big household appliances in Croatia for what is the only company in Croatian with adequate technology.

CE-ZA-R Centar za reciklažu d.o.o. is the most significant member of C.I.O.S. Group in Croatia in terms of number of employees, sales and quantity of collected and processed metal scrap. At CE-ZA-R Centar za reciklažu d.o.o. a plant for processing the big cooling devices with a capacity of 4,000 tons/year annually started to operate. This is the first plant of the kind in this part of Europe that enables processing of cooling devices and drawing out the CFC compounds (Freon) under entirely controlled conditions. This completely prevents emission of CFC compounds into the atmosphere and meets the highest standards of environment protection. 

Metis d.d. is the authorised concessionaire for collecting end-of-life vehicles, waste tyres, dry cells, storage batteries and waste oils in the territory of Croatia, authorised concessionaire for collecting WEEE and packing waste (paper, cardboard and textile packaging in the domain of the counties of Primorsko-Goranska, Istarska and Ličko-Senjska, and PET, glass, Al/Fe packaging material and PE foils in the territory of the counties of Primorsko-Goranska, Istarska, Ličko-Senjska and Karlovačka).

A melting plant for aluminium has been built in Sisak (CIAL d.o.o.) with a capacity of 12,000 tons p.a. It is a sufficient capacity to localy process all the concession-system collected metal Al/Fe packaging and other aluminium of the domestic Croatian production. Finished products – the castings of the melting plant – have secured sales in the EU countries. The technology chosen for the new smelting plant is one of leading smelting technologies, especially in smelting non-ferrous metals. As per the reference document (BREF-IPPC Directive) it belongs to the best available technologies (BAT) for smelting secondary aluminium materials what guarantees maximum efficiency of the exploitation of material and energy with a minimum emissions.

Members of C.I.O.S. Group in Croatia have up-to-date equiped recycle centers, and needed licences for managing non-hazardous and hazardous waste.

New development program of C.I.O.S. Group is aimed at achieving the same level of the contemporary technological equipment and organisational solutions of all the affiliated companies in the region, i.e. to meet with the EU Directives also in affiliated companies in neighbouring countries of the Balkan region in the same way in which it has been achieved in Croatia. It is at the same time significant trigger of investment activities. The Group therefore constantly has high level of new investments.